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Emoticons is a wonderful facial expression like a smile, angry and much more. It is formed by different combinations of keyboard characters and also used on electronic communications to convey the writer’s moods,feelings or thoughts. Now you can simply type in the Whatsapp text box in the left side near to get emoticons. As well as possible to copy and paste it from this Article to in your Whatsapp conversation. However, you can easily type smiley face emoticons without any search for in emoji list. Here below we presented some list of emoticons, so you can easy to manually enter into your text box of Whatsapp conversations and other messages to attach this emoji’s. In this article we will see thsese topics like Whatsapp emoticons meaning,  Use Correctly Whatsapp Emoticons, types of emoticons. Here above Whatsapp emoticons explained.

Whatsapp Emoticons Meanings:


Emoticons are commonly known as Emoji. There are three types of emoticons available.

Types of  Emoticons

1. Western Emoticons
2. Eastern  Emoticons
3. 2channel style Emoticons

Western Emoticons:
Western or horizontal emoticons mainly used from America and Europe country’s and Western emoticon use is quite different from Eastern emoticons usage. This style emoji are commonly written from left to right ans the head is rotated in counter clockwise for 90 degrees. The eyes of left and followed by the nose then mouth.

Some examples of Western emoticons:/ Emoticons Icon List:

  • :O   —>  Surprised
  • 😉 😉  –> Wink face
  • :S :-S :=S :s :-s :=s   –>   Worried
  • (*)   –>   star
  • (kiss)   –>  kiss
  • \o/   –>   Cheer
  • :$   –>  Embarrassed
  • 😐   –>   Dumb
  • 🙂 >;) >:-) –> Evil

Eastern Emoticons:
Eastern or vertical emoticons generally used in east Asia. This Eastern emoticons mainly not rotated, may include non latin characters allows additional complexity. Whatsapp symbols meaning presented in this post.

                      Icon                                                Meaning

  • (>_<) (>_<)>                                                           Troubled
  • (‘;’)                                                                          Baby
  • (^^ゞ (^_^;) (-_-;) (~_~;) (・。・;) (・_・;) (・・;) ^^; ^_^; (#^.^#) (^ ^;)                                                                            Nervous, embarrassed
  • .。o○ ○o。.                                                             Bubbles
  • <コ:彡                                                                      Squid
  • (^。^)y-.。o○ (-。-)y-゜゜゜                                        Smoking
  • (-_-)zzz                                                                   Sleeping
  • (^_-) (^_-)-☆                                                           Wink
  • ((+_+)) (+o+) (゜゜) (゜-゜) (゜.゜) (゜_゜) (゜_゜>) (゜レ゜)    Confused
  • (o|o)                                                                     Ultraman
  • (゜゜)~                                                                    Tadpole
  • ( ^^) _U~~ ( ^^) _旦~~                                      Cup of tea

2Channel style Emoticons:
2Channel style is originally used in Japaese message boards. It is using double-byte character codes.

                     Icon                                                Meaning

  • m9(^Д^)                                         Jeering laughter
  • m(_ _)m  Kowtow as a sign of respect, or dogeza for apology
  • (´・ω・`)  Snubbed or deflated
  • <`∀´> or <丶`∀´> Stereotypical Korean character (Nidā)
  •      ∧∧
    / 台\   Stereotypical Taiwanese character (Wanā)
    ( ^∀^)
  •     ∧∧
    / 越 \ Stereotypical Vietnamese character (Venā)
    ( ・∀・ )

How To Use Correctly Whatsapp Emoticons?

How to use correctly emoticons on your Whatsapp chat message or other social media’s text to your friends, family members and co-workers? Here some expamles we given please use it. You can express your emotions and feelings through the emoticons.

Use Correctly Whatsapp Emoticons


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