Top Ten The Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos

We all love zombies right, the horrifyingly cool undead, the never ending horde of shambling , rotting corpses that signal the arrival of the zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular zombie television shows in recent times and stars Andrew Lincoln in the lead role as a policeman who wakes from a coma to fin that his world has turned to shit, basically no Whatsapp!

A deadly flesh consuming virus has gripped the world and the dead are rising feverishly to hunt the living, who are now very few in number and are frantically struggling to survive.

One thing is for sure in the Walking Dead they don’t have Whatsapp or at least if you be sending any messages don’t expect to be seeing any double grey or blue delivery and message seen ticks.

No More Whatsapp

That’s the downside with the onset of zombies and world damnation, no Interwebs and certainly no Whatsapp, Viber, Skype or anything else that you might use to communicate with friends and family. Yes the Walking Dead and zombies sound cool until you really think it through.

Top Ten Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos

Top Ten The Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos

Fortunately with our presentation of the Top Ten The Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos there is no need to fret about the Internet going offline and the demise of Whatsapp leaving you in the mire.

As you can just watch the funny zombie videos on here instead and send them to your friends to share and enjoy. Then afterwards close down Whatsapp and go back to a real zombie free life.

Top Ten The Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos

There you have it the Top Ten The Walking Dead Whatsapp Videos, there are plenty more zombies to view, thrill and download online from video sites such as Youtube and similar.

Don’t be scared out there now. Remember zombies aren’t real and these are just scary Whatsapp horror videos.

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