Top 10 James Bond Whatsapp Quotes

With the new James bond super spy film ‘Spectre’ breaking the box office wide open everywhere the film opens it is naturally time for a slice of British secret agent pie here at

While current actor Daniel Craig does an excellent job playing the famous spy many famous James Bond’s have been and gone, including Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan.

Each of these unique James Bond actors bring their own special style and finesse to the role and across many, many films there have been some memorable James Bond whatsapp quotes that make for great status updates or are simply fun to share with friends across social media platforms.

Top 10 James Bond Whatsapp Quotes

  1. “History is moving pretty quickly these days, and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.” Ian Fleming.
  2. “Bond looked at the beautiful day and smiled. And no man, not even Mr. Big, would have liked the expression on his face.” Ian Fleming.
  3. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” Ian Fleming
  4. “Actually, I think I’m more into sleek-looking suits right now.” I ran my fingers over the arm of his tuxedo and gave him an appraising stare. “You know, sort of that James Bond cool look.” Janette Rallison,
  5. Bond: “Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.” Thunderball
  6. Bond: “Now the whole world will know that you died scratching my balls.” Casino Royale.
  7. Pussy: My name is Pussy Galore.” Bond: ” I must be dreaming. Goldfinger.
  8. In the film, The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond has concluded his secret mission, and is sharing a bottle of champagne with Russian agent Anya Amasova. As their escape capsule bobs to the surface, their bosses see them relaxing on surveillance monitors,  with Sir Gray stating “Bond! What do you think you’re doing?”, to this remark James Bond replies:”Bond: Keeping the British end up, Sir.”
  9. Bond “How much time have I got?” Felix ” 30 seconds” Bond ” That doesn’t give us a lot of time, does it?” From Quantum of Solace”
  10. Bond “Well, I must say, I’ve had a lovely evening. You?” Xenia Onatopp ” Once again the pleasure was all yours.”
Top 10 James Bond Whatsapp Quotes

Top 10 James Bond Whatsapp Quotes to Enjoy on Whatsapp

It has never been completely clear whether or not James Bond Author Ian Fleming truly intended his fictional spy and secret agent to be a source of such dry humor.

Yet one thing is apparent to all who follow Ian Fleming’s character, in that over the years James Bond has become known as much for his dry sense of humor and unique style as for his lethal intelligence skills in the field.

James Bond and movie fans enjoy our choice picks collection of Top 10 James Bond Whatsapp Quotes and share with friends or on social media.

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