Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share

Sending jokes to friend and enemies for that matter via Whatsapp, Viber or any smart phone messenger is a complete blast and perfect for back and forth banter.

Particularly as Whatsapp is a source of reliable communication for everyone who uses a smartphone, hence the app is very popular nowadays.

Rather than just being used for serious communication it is also used to have fun and to send jokes and funny memes. Now you can share any kind of thing on whatsapp with your friends and family whether its a joke, image, riddle, meme or puzzle; pretty much anything.

In fact you can send crude jokes, naughty jokes or basically the sort of lame Christmas cracker style jokes that even the mother in law would snigger at.

Here we present to you some amazingly funny Whatsapp jokes which you can share with your friends and have some serious fun with.

Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share

Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share, be rude, be crude, we don’t care!

Each joke is in a nice square or rectangular image meme format, which is easy to download and save to your ohotos album on your Android or iOS smartphone and send to your pals via the Whatsapp image send function within the app.

Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share

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Enjoy these completely free ‘Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share’. Have a total giggle on us!

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