Tips To Buy Dining Table  

Your dining table is much more than just a piece of furniture. It is the place where you sit and connect with your near and dear ones. A dining table is a perfect place where you can enjoy hearty meals with your family and friends and have a gala time forgetting all the worries and the tensions of the day. Hence it is a piece of furniture that must be bought with care.

The market in the current times has been flooded with a large number of options of designs and specimen of dining tables that you can opt for. Choices in terms of the material used the shapes and the textures given and the dimensions and sizes of the dining table can be quite overwhelming.

Hence when you set about to buy a budget dining table at Urban Ladder or any other brand where the array of choices can be quite perplexing, it is advisable that you must have a set of guidelines that should be followed so that you can buy the best models, that will suit all your requirements to perfection.

Budget – This is one of the most important aspects. The array of choices that are available in the market will come with a price. So much so, that the prices of certain models could be quite exorbitant. Hence a more sensible thing to do is to fix a certain price budget within which you would like to buy your dining table.

Material – The quality of the dining table is determined by the quality of the table top. All those who are looking for wooden table tops must go for natural hardwood such as oak, teak, mahogany etc. It is advisable that you should not go for artificial and soft wood as they do not happen to last long. Again natural hardwood has a sophistication of their own that is hard to find with soft wood.

Stay Away From Veneer – This is very important. If you see that the veneer is a thick one that can be made from a plastic-y texture then you should steer clear away from it. Such laminations could easily come off in the future which can again create trouble for you.

Room Measurement – You must make a good note of this point. Before you buy any piece of furniture the very first thing that you should do is to take a good measurement of the room and make note of all the other furniture that are there in the room. This way you can make a mental note of where you would like to place the new furniture, how much room you would like it to occupy and the final look of the room with the new piece of furniture. At the time of buying a dining table please make note of all these factors.

Shape & Dimensions – There are different shapes and dimensions of tables in the room. Whether you need a round, oval, square or a rectangle table is for you to decide. A good table always has ample place just above the knee.


Finally choose the color of your dining table with care. It has to be such so that the table is in sync with the rest of the decor of the room and also it must be easy to maintain in the longer run.

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