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20 Top Albert Einstein Quotes

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Albert Einstein is the prominent figure in the world. His work on the general theory of relativity is considered as supreme. Einstein was the German theoretical physicist. He is vitally known for its work on the philosophy of science. Einstein developed the popular and vividly known equation E = mc2 (world’s famous equation).
Albert Einstein received the noble […]

Top 35 Whatsapp Friendship Status

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The friendship is an important part of everybody life. Everyone wants true friends in their life to have fun and share stuff. Friends are the best thing which you can get in this life.
Here is the list of Top 35 Whatsapp friendship status, you can share with your friends. Enjoy!

A friendship that can end never […]

The Big List Of Motivational Status For Whatsapp

Motivational Status for Whatsapp, In Whatsapp messenger application some advanced options and programs are available. That is status message you can now set your profile any kind of status for example motivational status. Motivational Status for Whatsapp, this is one of the great help to your friends circle. Because motivation necessary to closed and loved […]

Do You Know How Sad Status for Whatsapp Works?

Little Known Ways To Sad Status For Whatsapp
Do you know how sad status for whatsapp works? Plenty of sad status messages you find out in search engine’s and set in your prepared whatsapp status bar. sad status for whatsapp you can simply use these below sad quotes in your whatsapp application. There are more status […]

Dream Inspirational Quotes For Whatsapp Status

The secret of Dream Inspirational Quotes For Whatsapp Status
Do you want dream inspirational quotes for whatsapp status? Don’t worry about that here are lots of dream inspirational related status messages you can get freely. Each and everyone definitely had dream throughout the world. When dream as come on our mind? Dreams mainly occur for in […]

Whatsapp Funny Work Experience Status Messages

Little Known Ways to work Experience Status Messages
Do you want work Experience status messages? Now you can get lot of cute experience status messages through in this post. There are more best status for Whatsapp in English. Everyone have experience to something, for example sad, funny or good experience have in their life. Knowledge is […]

Best 35 Cute Love Status Messages For Whatsapp

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Cute Love Status Messages
Love is wonderful word and it will create different kind of feelings in our heart. These cute love to make a artist to anyone, who fell in love they definitely become write the poet. Here lots of cute love status messages you can get.
You […]

Top 10 sad statuses for Whatsapp

Whenever you are in pain due to something very hurtful it impossible to stay happy and show everyone that you are fine.
Sometimes you are so mad at that someone because of whom you are in pain that you want to tell them but you cant because of your ego.
To tell that someone their mistake and […]