Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a well-known businessman, author, television personality, and politician. He is the current nominee of the Republican Party for the President of United States in 2016 elections. Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York, United States on June 14, 1946.

Donald Trump is a wealthy businessman with the estimated worth of $4.5 billion. He mainly invests in the real estate around the world. Trump also owns the hotel and residential towers. The famous one is Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. The excessive amount of wealth and strong connections with the government allows Trump to be a part of politics.

Although, Trump don’t qualify to be a nominee for the President of United States. But, still he got the chance to talk about his agendas. So far, he has hurt several minorities and came out as a racist. His comments about ISIS and Muslims are just a clear proof of brainwashed person.

There is no doubt that he is highly successful in business. However, he is not a valid candidate for the presidency. The way he talks about serious troubles in the world is just mind boggling. On several occasions and debates, Donald Trump has shown his mental approach.

The mentality is the major thing at such position. If we consider Trump as the president of United States then there is a clear problem. Donald Trump has talked about to kick out the thousands of Mexicans who are working in the United States and boosting the economy.

On the other hand, he clearly hates Muslims. He has pointed the finger on current president Barrack Obama and accused him that he is a Muslim. According to Donald Trump, he wants the United States to become great again. But, you cannot make America great again through hate and ignorance, Mr. Trump!

There are many other ways to control the problem of terrorism and Islam phobia. Muslims have contributed a lot to the United States and society shouldn’t forget about it and follow the Trump blindly. He is a businessman and not a politician. Don’t agree? Well, watch his debates and just focus on his mental approach.

Well, that’s what Donald Trump is all about. He would love to build the wall on the America-Mexico border. Send back the Muslims to their countries. Bring back all the jobs from China. Really Mr. Trump? How naive this man could be?

After the racist comments and stupid talk. People certainly starts to hate Donald Trump and created many memes which are roaming on the internet.

Here are few of the Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump. Enjoy!

Would you like to give him $5?

Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

Make it White only (Funny Whatsapp Memes)

Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

Donald Trump just being Donald Trump (Funny Whatsapp Memes)

Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

Donate him a good hair comb (Funny Whatsapp Memes)

Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

The New Hitler? (Funny Whatsapp Memes)

Funny Whatsapp Memes of Donald Trump

These were few brilliant and funny Whatsapp memes of Donald Trump. OR should I say Drumpf?

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