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20 Top Albert Einstein Quotes

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Albert Einstein is the prominent figure in the world. His work on the general theory of relativity is considered as supreme. Einstein was the German theoretical physicist. He is vitally known for its work on the philosophy of science. Einstein developed the popular and vividly known equation E = mc2 (world’s famous equation).
Albert Einstein received the noble […]

10 Best Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali the most famous boxer of all time. He was the greatest and he proved it at time and time again. He was the warrior in the ring and humble outside the ring. Muhammad Ali passion for the sport was applause able. However, the human side of Muhammad Ali was something extraordinary. He was […]

Top 35 Whatsapp Friendship Status

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The friendship is an important part of everybody life. Everyone wants true friends in their life to have fun and share stuff. Friends are the best thing which you can get in this life.
Here is the list of Top 35 Whatsapp friendship status, you can share with your friends. Enjoy!

A friendship that can end never […]

50 Statuses to Propose your dear one

Love is something everyone goes through at least once in his/her life. Falling in love is natural and to conquer that one person who means the world to you is the basic fight. Today we have 50 Statuses to Propose your dear one unique lines which you can use to Propose that person who is precious to […]

Top 50 Love Quotes for your loved ones

Today we have something very amazing like Top 50 Love Quotes for your special ones. Love is the best emotion in the world and to tell your loved one that you love them is very important since its a feeling to be proud of and express to that special someone.
Here are Top 50 Love Quotes said […]

Some Amazing Sad Poetry for Whatsapp

Today we have brought for you some amazing pieces of sad poetry which you can share with your friends or send to the one who has hurt you. You can even keep these as your Whatsapp status.

When You fall in Love with someone
When You fall in Love with someone
Don’t think just start enjoying it
Because after […]

Some Amazing Whatsapp Status by Shakespeare

William Shakespeare has been a very well known personality in the history of English Literature. He has won many hearts by his piece of writing and impressed many people by ideas in his plays. Some Amazing Piece of Literature by Shakespeare has been brought to you today to impress you and make you go all wow. […]

10 Motivational Quotes by Barack Obama

10 Motivational Quotes by Barack Obama has been brought to you today to guide you in life as the Barack Hussein Obama II known as Barack Obama who was born on August 4, 1961 is one of the most popular personality in the history. He is the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to […]