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Top 10 Whatsapp Riddles

Whatsapp now days is also used for having fun rather than just messaging. Now we also introduce whatsapp riddles which you can share with your friends and have fun. The following whatsapp riddles will help you challenge your friends and loved ones IQ and mindset:

I Am Always With You. What Am I ?
I am always […]

Top 20 Birthday Whatsapp Statuses

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays using Whatsapp and so its a occasion of happiness for everyone. Today people are expecting everyone to know their birthdays and wish them on time and Whatsapp is the best way to say ‘Happy Birthday.’
So for wishing people adopt different ways to wish. Some people wish by surprising their […]

Whatsapp adds a very amazing and cool yet so revealing feature. Find out what it is?

Whatsapp is an app that is the best way of communication now adays. It’s easy and simple yet fun to use. The app developers continue to astonish us with whatsapp’s new features and which always turn out to be very helpful and fun to use.
Recently they have introduced a new fantastic feature in it secretly. […]

12 things people do on Whatsapp which makes you want to Kill them!

Whatsapp is a free smartphone app which is available to anyone and everyone, mainly on Android and iOS devices. Since its available to everyone so people use it according to their needs and interest. It can also drive a person crazy with frustration.
Everyone has different ways of communication but Whatsapps is one of the easiest […]

Why Using WhatsApp for Work Is a Terrible Idea

Messengers like Whatsapp are easy to use and free for everyone around the globe. These have become a basic necessity and an instant tool of communications linked to your address book.
Business users have started using it for business purposes like to inform their colleagues about some assignments or some news , to change forecasts , […]

WhatsApp, Snapchat could be banned in the UK

There are reports of Whatsapp and Snapchat being banned in the Britain as ordered by the British Prime Minister David Cameron.
He argues that he would pursue banning encrypted messaging services if the British Intelligence services are not given access to the messages or the communication being held at both the apps.
In this regard the technology […]

4 Cool hidden Whatsapp features at your service!

We have outlined 4 very cool hidden Whatsapp features that you might not know about your Whatsapp application which are as follows:
Reduce data usage on WhatsApp calls
Now you can make free calls from Whatsapp messenger but there were some problems with it like it was using a lot of cellular data during the calls which […]

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number and Without SIM Card – Whatsapp Tricks

Hello Whatsapp users now we will see very interesting topic today here. Yes, the topic is How to use whatsapp without phone number and without SIM card? We all are well know that whatsapp users are increased on day by day in world wide. Because this wonderful platform for chatting and sharing photos, videos, voice […]