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50 Statuses to Propose your dear one

Love is something everyone goes through at least once in his/her life. Falling in love is natural and to conquer that one person who means the world to you is the basic fight. Today we have 50 Statuses to Propose your dear one unique lines which you can use to Propose that person who is precious to […]

Top 20 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Funny Memes

Top 20 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Funny Memes will make you laugh on floor laughing. Top 20 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Funny Memes  are one of the best memes ever made on a star. Leonardo Di caprio is a very famous and talented Americal Movie Star and Producer. He started off his career with soap opera Santa Barbara and the sitcom […]

20 Memes on India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match

These 20 Memes on India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match will make you roll on floor laughing since these are hilarious as hell.  India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match has always made an on everyone especially the Indians and the Pakistanis and the day of the match is considered to be very big for all of them . Indians […]

WhatsApp Finally Lets You Send Documents Over Chat

WhatsApp finally lets you send documents over chat. This is not before time if you use the Whatsapp messenger service. Whatsapp is a very well-known messaging or calling app used by billions of people around the world. It got more promoted and advanced when Facebook bought it and has been made into a much better […]

Download Older Versions of Whatsapp

How to download older versions of Whatsapp. Sometimes progress isn’t everything. The latest isn’t always the best. As is the case with Whatsapp instant messenger. This is a popular messenger app that is mainly used with popular smart phones that run the iOS or Android operating systems. Whatsapp also runs on tablets and on computers […]

Have a Good Day Statuses For Whatsapp

A new day in this world is a blessing to everyone around and you wish the very best for everyone – people close to you and people who are not even close to you. Wishing someone to have a good day or a nice day across Whatsapp is a deed in itself. By your simple […]

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chats and Messages

If you have an iPhone or Android based device then Whatsapp instant messenger is one of the most widely used Smartphone messenger applications available for these type of popular cell phones.
Whatsapp has various user features like real time messaging, picture and video sharing, plus group chatting and so forth. Aside from this, Whatsapp also offers […]

Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Jokes to Share

Sending jokes to friend and enemies for that matter via Whatsapp, Viber or any smart phone messenger is a complete blast and perfect for back and forth banter.
Particularly as Whatsapp is a source of reliable communication for everyone who uses a smartphone, hence the app is very popular nowadays.
Rather than just being used for serious […]