Some Amazing Sad Poetry for Whatsapp

Today we have brought for you some amazing pieces of sad poetry which you can share with your friends or send to the one who has hurt you. You can even keep these as your Whatsapp status.

  1. When You fall in Love with someone

    When You fall in Love with someone
    Don’t think just start enjoying it
    Because after some time
    You will not be in position to enjoy anything

  2. Whenever

    I can’t hold back my tears
    Whenever I think of you

    I know you won’t miss me ever
    Whenever I think of you

    I feel I lost you for good
    Whenever I think of you

    Wish this had never happened
    Whenever I think of you

    I know you won’t read this
    If did; wont know its me

    I wanted to say I miss you
    Whenever I think of you

  3. Are You Okay?

    I wanted to take care of you
    but you weren’t permitting
    I searched every nook and hook
    but you were always tricking
    What phrases you selected
    but it was just gimmicking
    I begged your pardon
    but you weren’t forgiving
    I looked for you far and wide
    not finding you, panicking
    I ask; Are you okay?

  4. I am no more here

    I was always there
    Waited for so long
    Now I am gone
    I am no more here

    If you ever came
    I won’t be there
    You’ll see the place
    It’ll be the same

    With its hanging bowers
    The grass may be green
    And the trees that tower
    The house will stare
    With the rooms all bare

    While walking on the pave
    You’ll crunch some dead leaves
    You may think you heard
    Someone scream

    You’ll clutch your heart
    You may depart
    But I won’t be there
    I am gone for good

    Now it is me
    Who is lost forever!

  5. A journey

    while walking freely on a lovely path
    with the sweet wind playing with my hair
    I closed my eyes; my heart ever so light
    continued to walk in ecstasy
    the air scented with fresh fragrances
    the clouds chasing each other
    I tried to take it all in
    got so excited; even forgot myself
    raised my arms, soared high in the sky
    higher and higher still i went
    never realizing the distance I traveled
    away from the path that gave me power
    thought reached my destination finally
    and alighted in a foggy atmosphere
    when I was able to see……ohhhh
    had landed in a valley of thorns
    wasn’t it similar to the one I escaped earlier
    I kept thinking while searching it
    had lost the strength to escape it again
    had lost my heart too
    just sat and thought, nd thought nd thought
    would I ever find that lost path again.

  6. The Springs Of Aggression

    I have heard the springs of aggression,
    Arise from the mountains of fear,
    They flow into lush green valleys of your soul,
    Where seeds of insecurity are sown.

    As time passes, these seeds sprout ,
    into flowers and then fields of hate and jealousy;
    While the springs overflow with liquid fire,
    As the volcanoes of fear erupt and destroy,
    The green fields of the lush green valley,
    Turning it into a wasteland of fire and ashes.

  7.  Seashore

    I’m all alone on the sea shore
    watching waves which comes and touching my toes
    thinking what is left and what I have with me
    wondering what can amend in my life
    though I am a solitary
    how can I change my life?
    when i feel same emotions inside
    suddenly my eyes fills with water as sea like
    solitude and grieve i feel deep inside
    in my life people come and go
    like waves returns to the sea
    after hitting the shore
    now tears faded the attractive scene of the sea
    smoke comes between sea and me
    the cold breeze is touching my hair
    and is looking as a cadaver
    now its time to go back where I belong
    i spend my time here the whole day long
    the long journey is waiting for me there
    I step back ward and look at the sea
    it seems that sea also glance at me .

  8.  Freeman’s Mill

    The old mill long had closed its doors
    the rotting wheel would turn no more
    no grain to grind, no country stores
    where old men sat, told stories, swore
    And rocks that formed the waterfall
    became the playground for us all
    on summer days, it beckoned, called
    beneath the old mill’s rotting walls
    The chill of water, mountain-fed
    awakened spirits, long since dead
    where millers’ children once were fed
    on banks upon which lovers wed
    And yet i hear the echoes still
    where laughter of the children filled
    those rotting walls upon the hill
    ‘twas once the home to Freeman’s Mill

  9. Dream on

    Go On And On
    And On To Dream

    Rest In The Sea
    Swim In The Air
    Go Deep And Deep
    Through Earth Barriers

    Go On And On
    And On To Dream

    Feel Joy Forever
    Leave Back Grief
    Dry Tears Of Remorse
    Smile So Sweet

    Go On And On
    And On To Dream

    I Am With You
    Just Cheer Up
    If I Were You
    I Would Go Berserk

    Go On And On…..
    If It’s A Dream
    Don’t Just Yet Freak
    May Be Hallucination
    Or A Great Fantasy

    Go On And On
    And On To Dream

  10. Sometimes

    Sometimes We Wish

    To Be Care Free

    Like An Innocent Child

    Without A Single Worry

    The Tension In Life

    To Dissolve Away

    The Race To Gain Wealth

    We Have To Follow Every Day

    Seems To Be Just Meaningless

    Sometimes We Want Ourselves

    To Be Emotionless And Feeling Free

    So What Is Said Or Done To Us

    Remain Immune To All Around Us.

    Hope you liked these. Stay in touch for more amazing pieces of art.  

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