30+ Quotes by Sheldon Cooper

Enjoy amazing Whatsapp Quotes by Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon Cooper is a  very famous character of the very amazing and well known season The Big Bang Theory which is about 4 scientists. Its humorous as well as interesting. Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters of the show. He has used some funny and hilarious quotes in the season which makes a person laugh on one hand and guides him to be a better person on the other hand.

Sheldon Cooper the actor in the Big Bang Theory was born in a Walmart in Galveston, Texas to Mary Cooper, and was officiated at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Sheldon Cooper’s father, George Cooper, sadly died in 1994, this was due to weight and health problems.

He died when Sheldon was only 14 years of age. Sheldon Cooper has a twin sister named Missy and also an older brother called George Jr. Both his father and brother are described by their mother to be “dumb as soup.” Hopefully this is just affectionate talk. Now you can enjoy these Quotes by Sheldon Cooper which can be used on Whatsapp or Social media.

30+ Quotes by Sheldon Cooper:

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